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Commercial Acquisitions - Option Two

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You have found the property but now want an expert to advise on the price, formulate an offer range and purchase strategy and purchase the property for you.

Our Evaluate and Negotiate Option has 5 stages:

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Getting to know you


We will meet you at our Offices in Marlow or if more convenient at premises at a time to suit you. We discuss the property you have selected in detail and establish your goals and objectives, your financial position, budgets and time frames. Having listened to you carefully we may make recommendations which might include looking at other properties on the market if for no other reason than to ensure that your first choice is the right one. Quite often the client will have prepared their own short list and wish us to investigate and advise further on the selected properties before making a final decision. Sometimes we will advise clients to negotiate on two or more properties at the same time to improve the clients negotiating position and to provide a fall-back position. At this stage we can recommend solicitors and other members of the required professional team to enable you make contact at an early stage and obtain fee quotations. This stage is entirely free and without obligation. If you like what you see and we think you will then we ask you to sign our terms of engagement. Our fees which are totally transparent are discussed and agreed at the outset. 

Evaluation and strategy formulation


Most acquiring agents do just one thing – they acquire the property. If this is the client’s first acquisition then there is no issue. Where, however, clients are already in commercial premises and are looking to move, for whatever reason, JAMES knows from experience that this is only one part of the equation. Extricating a client smoothly and seamlessly from one property to another is an art. We will explore with the client why their existing premises are no longer suitable. Maybe the business has outgrown its current premises or maybe the business does not need so much space. Perhaps a better image or location is now required. Sometimes we can solve problem enabling the client to remain in occupation on different terms thereby saving time, money and disruption to the business. Of course, more often than not, the reason for moving is overwhelming in which case the move needs to be meticulously planned. Care needs to be taken to ensure that any notices that are required under the existing lease are served correctly and on time. A missed break clause can have disastrous effects. Your solicitor should advise you on this aspect.

Another thorny issue that can have a serious financial cost is dilapidations. We work with the client and their appointed surveyor to ensure that a negotiated settlement is agreed with the landlord or that the client carries out any legitimate repairs before the lease end. If the client leaves the building without addressing the question of dilapidations the landlord can carry out the works and often charge the tenant, not only for the cost of the works, but for professional fees and loss of rent. We minimise any lap over period. This needs to be long enough to enable any fit out works etc. to be completed so that the business can hit the road running without delay or disruption but not too long as to incur unnecessary double overheads.



We view your chosen property or properties and inspect with a detailed and critical eye recording and evaluating information that purchasers may not notice. Most purchasers are accompanied by the selling agent and/or the vendors and are often rushed or shown only those areas that they want you to see. As your acquiring agent we are not so constrained. We make a thorough and detailed inspection unperturbed by sellers or their agent’s sales tactics.



Negotiating a deal is what we do best. We have over 30 years experience and we use this to ensure you get the best deal.

Before we open negotiations we provide the client with a detailed report containing our opinion of value and recommendations, noting any areas of concern and further investigations that may be required. Working with the client we prepare an agreed strategy. We find out why the owners are selling. Do they need a quick sale? Often we are able to secure a substantial price reduction or negotiate other favourable aspects not apparent at first sight. Where there is strong interest from other buyers we use our skills, relationships and reputation to present your offer and circumstances in the best light to set you apart from the other interest and tip the balance in your favour. The leading estate agents know us; they know how we work and that we only work for serious parties. The end result is they like working with us as we make their job that much easier. And remember unlike selling agents we are not there to sell you the property. We will highlight any areas of concern and make appropriate recommendations, even if it means we recommend you not to buy.

Seeing it through


Unlike most agents we do not see our job as done simply when the price has been agreed. It is at this stage that deals can often fall apart if not closely managed. We work closely with your solicitor, surveyor, mortgage advisors and other members of your professional team. We will often revisit the question of value if, for example, the survey raises defects that will incur significant cost. We keep in close contact with the selling estate agent to ensure that the deal is progressing smoothly.

Even when contracts are exchanged we continue to monitor and advise right up to the day of completion when the keys are handed over.