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Rent Review - Option Four

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JAMES will use their detailed market knowledge, understanding of leases as well as statute and case law to ensure you get the best rent on review. Take advantage of both our FREE lease analysis service and our FREE initial advice now.

Our aim is simple – to achieve the best economic solution for our clients using our technical expertise and local market knowledge within the constraints of the lease documentation and legislative background. Often with substantial sums of money involved it is vital that professional advice is sought.

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  • A

    We have an unprecedented understanding of relevant legislation and case law and use this knowledge in the interpretation of lease clauses in the tactical negotiation battle.


    We ensure that any notices and counter notices are served on time and in the correct manner- this is crucial when time is of the essence which is either stated or implied by law.


    We ensure that artificial assumptions within the rent reviews clauses are correctly interpreted and applied. For example tenant’s improvements are usually ignored except where they are a condition of the lease agreement.

  • D

    That the property is measured correctly in accordance with the latest edition of the RICS code unless stated otherwise. Even here the code can be interpreted in different ways.


    Realizing when a term within the lease has been overturned by case law and no longer applies.


    Fees can be linked to performance – no savings – no fees.

    Although we will exhaust every avenue to reach settlement through negotiation sometimes this is not feasible at which time we will refer the matter to a third party be it an expert or arbitrator and make representations to protect your position.